Jodi Bytheway

I’ve had a few requests to tell my story about my weight loss. About 3 years ago, Dr. Roby Mitchell (Dr. Fitt) tried to talk me into trying HCG to lose weight. After several months of coercion and showing me before and after pictures of friends of mine, I decided to give it a try. I had tried Weight Watchers several times, Nutri Systems twice and every one of the fad diets that came around. I was very successful on Weight Watchers and Nutri Systems every time ……. until I got on maintenance. Hello, why would you ever want to start eating the same things in smaller quantities??? Besides, fat people don’t understand “portion control”. Well, maybe we do, but……

Okay, so I started the HCG program (before he named it “The Weight is Over!”) around February of 2008. I lost 32 lbs (started at 240 lbs) on the first attempt in 40 days. After 3 more series, I had lost a total of 75. I have now maintained a size 12 for over 2 years (starting with size 22-24). Finally, after all the years of struggling with up and down, up and down, I realized the key (I know, some of us are slow learners!).


With Roby’s help, and he’s definitely not a cook, I learned to eat without grains and sugar. There are lots of ways to wean off both off those so that makes it easier. That’s not to say you can NEVER eat them again and that seems to take the pressure off. I just rarely get around to recipes that use them. I’ve completely started over with my cookbooks. I have some for raw foods, Doug Kaufamann’s recipes book, the Heart Association cookbook, Dr. Fott’s No Flour, no Sugar cookbook and some others. I can’t use everything in them but they are really good places to start. I have learned to eat raw vegetables I had never even tasted and OMG, there are spices that can make anything taste good.

In the course, of all this journey, I became Dr. Mitchell’s assistant (the boss, if you will) and with his guidance have lowered my blood pressure from 220/110 to an average 125/80. Congratulations are in order, TYVM!